Hands on Healing Serves Families of Southern Atlanta

Michelle and Matt Deutscher have been serving families in the Fayette County and surrounding area since 2004. Michelle is an expert in pediatric occupational therapy with 26 years of experience supporting children’s development and participation. Our team is committed to creating personalized goals for academics, activities of daily living and being a valued and treasured member of your family.

Our clinic offers

  • Occupational Therapy specializing in sensory and emotional integration
  • Physical Therapy to optimizing active engagement of a child’s body
  • Speech Therapy for eating, drinking, swallowing, verbal communication and processing skills

Hands on Healing’s mission is to:

Finding the right clinic and therapist is hard, ask these questions to assess your options:

  • What is their specialty and how does that serve my child’s needs?
  • What is their experience working with my child’s needs?
  • How do they create goals for my child?

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